Act as a tourist. How do tourists usually behave? Excited. Confident. Eager.  You should dress like a tourist too. You can wear light clothes such as shorts, pants, colorful shirts, sleeveless, sunglasses, back packs, camera with you, your mono pods, anything that will let them know that you are a tourist. Just don’t over decorate yourself, match it with the weather too. (LOL) believe me, your outfit also counts.


I booked a plane ticket to Bangkok Thailand 2 days before the flight date so I really have to check the cheapest price possible. Luckily, I was able to find cheap rate with Air Asia amounting to 12, 200.00 pesos round trip ticket without baggage allowance since I only brought one back pack with me. However, the flight was not a direct flight to Bangkok. There was a two hour stopover in Malaysia so the trip became longer but since I really love to travel, I was really thankful for the stopover.

So, when I arrived NAIA 4, I presented my ticket together with my passport since  all passengers must present their flight ticket together with a passport to the officer before entering the door. I then let my things ran through the x-ray machine for inspection. In this stage all your belongings should pass through the machine including your belt, shoes, gadgets, all metals, phones, and etc. When you are done with the inspection, a departure card will be given to you and you should fill it up with correct information.

Departure Card

The card will ask you some basic information such as your complete name, passport number, destination, purpose, flight number, etc

After filling up the form, you can now pay the Philippine travel tax amounting to 1600.00 pesos for a regular passenger. Discounts are given with terms and conditions. Please see http://www.tieza.gov.ph/index.php/travel-tax   for the current price of Philippine travel tax. After paying, you can now check in. Present your ticket, passport, travel tax payment receipt to the ground attendant for checking in. The attendant will now assign you a seat in the plane (You can also select your desired seat location during your flight booking or by managing your flight online. However, you will be charged extra for that) and will advise you about the next step which is facing the immigration officers for interrogations.

After checking in, do your best to answer the questions of the immigration officer.

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