When I realized that I am overweight according to my Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculate BMI. I worried a lot. Not just because I am overweight but because I am annoyed with my big fat body in pictures. Reasons why I promised myself to lose weight and look good. It’s not that I hate myself, I hate that myself destroys the beauty of a scenery (LOL). So, I started planning my daily activities, meal and routine to achieve those goals. Losing weight and looking good are among those most wished-things to happen by obese, fat, and overweight like me. Many have tried but never achieved that dream body. They lose weight but they end up being fat again. Lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight until they get tired and settle for being fat.
I’ve heard hundreds of things to do to lose weight. Some are hurting, depriving, and weakening that you’ll end up quitting. Indeed I have that desire to be physically fit, but It doesn’t mean I will hurt myself. So, I researched about simple things to do to have that wow-body. I asked friends, books, the internet and whoever just to seek advice for the easiest to-do things without hurting myself too much. Luckily, I have found the best routine in my journey to the body I desire. A very simple formula that will help you reach that point of saying “Goodbye Fatty Body. Hello to the new me!”
Formula: Keeping motivated + food control and knowledge + simple exercises + homemade detoxifying drink = Hello new you!
Why do you want to lose weight? A question that should be answered sincerely. “I want to be fit, healthy, good-looking, to boost my self-esteem, to experience living with that great body figure, to inspire others”, and many to mention. Reasons that will definitely make you run, diet, and exercise. Those reasons that mean a lot to you. I am telling you, you really need to have that very strong will to avoid food temptation, “manyana habit”, and skipping doing your activities. I will not say you need a strong determination to reach your goal but I will say you badly needed a Very Strong determination to do this. Your motivation will keep you going. It will serve as your fuel to speed you up, rise and continue your way.
Years ago, I already tried losing weight, but I failed because I didn’t realize my driving force is not enough to continue. I had a very shallow reason to lose weight. However, it has been said that the only failure in life is the failure to rise again, so here I am now equipped with that strong motivation. Time will come that you will be tired and feel like quitting, again, never quit. Look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge your improvement, it is a slow process, sometimes very slow. Take one-step at a time. Focus. Imagine the new you every now and then and I am sure you will be motivated. Make your goals as your passion. (something that you will fight for, no matter what).
The most challenging part of your journey; this time you should embrace the fact that you have to avoid delicious sweet foods, dessert cravings, and unhealthy drinks. Bottom line: The lesser sugar intake you do, the faster you will lose weight. Personally, I avoid too many carbs such as rice, pasta, bread, and biscuits. I also avoid eating chocolates, cakes, and pastries. I am no longer drinking colas and fruit juices because they contain much sugar. I learned that when our body consumes plenty of sugar than it needs, the body produces insulin which will control the level of the blood sugar. However, this insulin acts as a place for fat storage, giving you undesired fatty bellies. Moreover, eating processed foods that contain chemicals and preservatives cause extra fat since our body cannot recognize these substances, making them as fats.
  • Increase Green leafy vegetables and fruits intake. Make it a habit that you eat a variety of fruits and veggies every day.
  • Decrease or stop consuming processed foods.
  • Decrease carbs rich food.
  • Stop drinking energy drinks, soda, and processed fruit juices.
  • drink plenty of water, 8 glasses a day.
Daily suggestion based on my personal practice:
  • Breakfast. A cup of rice or a piece of bread, lean meat, vegetables and fruits. This will sustain your energy.
  • Lunch. Moderate eating. Half cup rice to zero rice. fruits and vegetables, and water.
  • Dinner. Zero rice. Zero bread. Fruits and vegetables and water.
Detoxify yourself for a healthier inside and a lovelier outside by simple drinking this mixture:

A liter of clean potable water, 1 medium-sized sliced cucumber, 1 lemon sliced, 1 teaspoon of ginger pounded, a couple of mint leave. Just combine all ingredients to the water and let it settle for 2 to 3 hours in the fridge.In case you lack any of the ingredients, you can also try water+lemon+cucumber, water+cucumber, or water+lemon.

Drink first thing in the morning before breakfast. You can also drink this as your water for the entire day.

These drinks will help you eliminate fats quicker, make you refreshed and recharged, keep you healthy and help you look good.
Run for at least 30 to 60 minutes. You can use a treadmill or just simple run around your village. Running really helped me loose that undesirable wait. You can jog slowly for 30 seconds, walk for another 30 seconds and run fast for 30 seconds. Repeat this until you consume that 30-60 minute run. Dance aerobics. This is a form of fun workout wherein you enjoy dancing without even thinking of losing weight, you just dance because it’s nice to dance. You can download Zumba dances from the internet that will serve as your guide. Play. another fun form of exercise is engaging in sports. Any sports that will make your body move is a good one. You create friendship, enjoy and lose weight.
These are some of the things that you can do. If you are really motivated to lose that fat belly, follow this advice and you will surely love the result. I am not a doctor nor a fitness expert, I am just passionate with sharing you what I am doing how I reached that 180.40 pounds from 212.20 pounds (by the way my height is 5’10.5″) within less than 2 months. I know I am not yet there, but with these routine, I will be there! 🙂