TOEIC or Test of English for International Communication is an examination required for non-native speakers in any part of the world, also here in Thailand.
Though this is not a requirement in seeking for a work permit in Thailand (Work Permit Requirements), this is being used by employers to evaluate the capacity of an applicant in dealing with English language.
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In taking the TOEIC;
  • 1. Reserve schedule for your exam by calling Thailand’s Center for Professional Assessment hotline number: (02) 2607061. You can not just go directly there and take the exam without any reservation. You need to provide them your passport number and personal information. They will inform you of the available dates that you can take the exam. With work permit- Mondays to Saturdays, Without work permit- Every Wednesdays only.Furthermore, they will give you instructions about where to take the test, fees, and other important matters.
Cancel an appointment. If you wish to cancel your reserved examination date, do it at least 2 days before the exam by calling TOEIC hotline number. No cancellation and No show corresponds to 500 baht penalty on your next schedule date.
  • 2. On the date of your exam, come early. Normally you will take the exam at the Center for Professional Assessment office, 19th floor, Bangkok Business (BB) Building, 54 Asoke road, Sukhuvumit, Bangkok. There are other examination sites but you have to pay attention with their schedule (TOEIC THAILAND) Don’t forget to bring your passport. Register yourself and pay the examination fee of 1500 Baht. The officers will inform you of the step by step process of the registration and examination. Once you are done, prepare yourself for the test.
  • 3. The Test. Pencils, pen, erasers, booklets, answering sheets, instruction manual and TOEIC hand outs will be provided to you right at the top of your desk. CPA imposes strictly no bringing of anything except for wallet, money, and vehicle keys. You will be advised to leave everything at the baggage deposit area. Watches cellphones, papers, bags, and others are strictly prohibited. Before getting inside, you will undergo serious check up like going through a security guard at the mall’s entrance.
  • 4. The actual Exam. You will be given very limited time to answer questions so you should better prepare for the exam. Thirty minutes for biographical information, 45 minutes for listening and 75 minutes for reading. The test is consist of 200 items. Once the exam has started, you will not be allowed to go out even for your personal needs. Once the time is over, proctors will try to stop you from answering (as in literally they will go to you and grab your pen) so you better make use of the time well.
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  • 5. Do not leave the area if you are not told to do so. Proctors will collect all your answer sheets and registration forms. But you are allowed to go out for your personal needs this time. Once released, go out silently and get your things from the baggage deposit area.
  • 6. Results are released a day after the exam. If you took the exam on a Saturday, your result will be available on the following Tuesday. You can go back to the building and pick it up yourself. Should you wish to send the result via express mail, you have to get an envelope provided in the office and write your name and complete address outside. Express mail service will use this information as recipient. Wait for your result in your place. Pay the minimal amount of 50 Baht delivery charge.
Result is valid for two years from the test administration date.
Good luck to your exam! May this article helped you in any way.