Here in Thailand,

TOEIC is NOT A REQUIREMENT IN GETTING WORK PERMIT as other people believe it is. Please see: Thailand Work Permit Requirements Latest. However, most of the institutions require job applicants specifically non-native English Speakers (Non-NES) to take this test to measure their capability in speaking, listening, reading and understanding English as International Communication.

The test includes many questions from different industry. Be in finance, education, daily conversation hospital, office, and others. Usually, you will answer 200 questions. Hundred items  for listening and another hundred for reading within a specific time.

You shouldn’t worry about the questions instead worry about the time. TOEIC is a time-pressured exam. So you better prepare handling this test to get better result.

Like as usual, it is always better to be ready in anything that you will do before doing it. Preparing yourself before going to the battle gives you the 50% and higher wining possibility.

Consider these things and advises that you can do to place yourself in a good frame of mind on the day of your test.

  • Take enough to rest before the exam.
  • Be sure to rest for concentration.
  • Wear anything that will make you feel comfortable at any room temperature. Normally the testing area is very cold.
  • Make sure you are not hungry and not too full.
  • Review the TOEIC Listening and Reading Examinee Handbook(PDF) sample questions. Find in the internet as many as you can. Practice as long as you can.
  • Arrive ahead of time before the testing schedule. You will undergo registration process so be sure to arrive early. Knowing the location of the testing center is an advantage.
  • Consider transportation barriers such as traffic or any delays. This will help you arrive early.
  • During the test, be alert, get focused and feel relaxed.
  • Listening- Practice multitasking. Listening while looking into the choices and questions on your test hand book is an advantage. If you found the answer, proceed reading the next question even the previous conversation is not done yet. This will give you time to prepare for the next question.
  • Reading- Read questions first. And scan key phrases and words that best answer the question. This will really help you save time. If you find it hard to answer, proceed to the next question but do not forget to go back and answer it using your remaining time.

TOEIC challenge: TIME. You should know how to beat the time. Speed and accuracy are the secrets to nailing a high score in TOEIC. Practice all these tips and surely you will say TOEIC is as easy as abc.

If you want to know how to take the TOEIC Thailand please click here: