Social media enthusiasts go gaga over a trending photo showing Philippine lady senator Leila De Lima “alleged” sex scandal. A collage photo of the senator showing her “professional side” and the “secret side” went viral  after having been posted on August 17,2016. The photo went along with a poem created especially to describe the wrong-doing of the senator.

Comments below the post show netizens anger and dismay towards the senator. Some of the comments ask the senator to step down from the office. Other messages say that the photo shows a great evidence of President Duterte’s claim of her as an “immoral woman”.

The whole country is aware of Senator Delima and President Duterte’s clash lately wherein Duterte labelled the senator as such. “Here is an immoral woman, flaunting well of course in so far as wife of the driver was concerned, it’s adultery. Here is a woman who funded the house of her lover and yet we do not see any complaint about it,” He said. (

After posted by ‎Rene Ave to FB Group: Think The Brighter Side of Life, though others questioned the authenticity of the photo,  the photo was shared 8k and counting within just the first 20 hours after posted.

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