The art of making lists is very useful and important to me. Aside from the fact that it serves as a reminder, it also acts as a motivation to move forward and continue pursuing anything. Here is a list worth sharing 🙂


THE KOH SAMED Adventure List.

In case you only got a day or two to visit Koh Samed (Koh Samet) in Thailand (one of the most visited islands in the country), then this list might help you enjoy what the Island can offer.

I, together with a friend visited this Island for only one night and one day. Our time was so limited so we have to make the best things as quick as possible. Aside from having so short time, our money was also limited (hahaha).

Koh Samed, for real, is a beautiful island with fantastic beaches. After 45 minutes ferry ride from Rayong, you will arrive on its crystal clear waters and fine sand. The primary transportation in the island is motorbike or cart rental. To save money and time, I strongly recommend you getting a motorbike. (300-400 Bahts 24/hours or 8-10 USD) I got the 400 baths because I didn’t know there are cheaper bikes. For our accommodation, we went to a small guesthouse worth 500 baths (15 USD) per night located walking distance from the pier. Since we’ve got only a night and a day, here’s what we did.


  1. Party at the seaside. You can see so many bars along the shore of Samed, from posh to budget-friendly open bars. There are night shows like fire dancing anywhere, foam party and disco. Casual drinks like beer Chang, Leo normally cost 100 baths up (3 USD up). It’s expensive than the normal rate but  it’s understandable. You can dance drink and enjoy the evening partying along the beach. Just buy a bottle of drink, and presto you can dance all night!
  2. Sightseeing and Photoshoot. One of the things that you should do wherever you go. Using your motorbike, you can tour around Koh Samed. Stop by different beaches and take your selfies and groufies. There are areas suggested as “photo taking area” or “viewpoint”. You can see sign boards, so no need to worry about their locations. This activity is totally FREE.
  3. Water Sports/Activities. Same as other beach parks, Koh Samed offers plenty of water activities like diving, snorkeling, jet ski, parasailing and others. If your time is limited, you can get activities like parasailing for 8 minutes, or kayaking. Diving and snorkeling might take time on the other hand. There are so many water sports providers in the area that offer very affordable rates.

  5. Visit private resorts. There are many private resorts in Koh Samed open for outside guests, most of the resorts offer it for free. By doing this you will experience the other side of this Island with private resorts. Some might ask you for an entrance fee, along with it, is a free drink. This will also allow you to  check their place and give you idea about booking in the future, in case you wanna go back.
  6. Buy foods from walking vendors. Even the price they are selling are doubled, I can still consider it cheap. Thai foods are well known to be “so good” but getting them from resto’s in front of the beaches is more expensive. You can see plenty of vendors roaming around the sea shore carrying their items. These vendors are actually from Rayong. They travel day and afternoon to sell at the island. Rent a beach chair for 100 baht whole day and buy your food from the vendors while enjoying the beauty of Samed beaches.

There are plenty of activities that you can do at most beaches and islands. It depends on the availability of your time and money. Always remember that whatever  time and money you have, traveling is a matter of courage. Try this list and add your own.

Please feel free to comment your experience in Koh Samed. 🙂 The Island is absolutely fantastic!

The Poetry of List-Making