“Oh we love to be together, Oh English camp makes us happy”.

I heard plenty of foreigner teachers in Thailand wanting to work part-time as an English camp teacher, or trainer, or master. With them are their countless reasons why the wanted to do so. Some would say to earn extra money (most of the time), some would say to get rid of boredom, and others may say to help others by sharing their knowledge when it comes to this matter, and others are reasons that I never imagined :p.


When I started working in the land of smiles as a full-time teacher in a far-far village, one of the things that helped me really and still helping me to get rid of boredom is joining English camps.

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Luckily, I was hired by an agency for English camps (BANGKOK OXFORD LEARNING CENTRE – a great camp provider ) that offers English Camping activities all over Thailand. (I started August 2015, until now). Joining English camps is indeed fantastic! Not only because activities are designed for learning while having fun, but at the same time you travel a lot, meet a lot of different personalities and discover or experience actual culture immersion and learning.

In my one year of participating in camps as camp station leader, camp master, and even camp manager, I realized that it takes many things to consider before applying or even daring to join campings. I observed different personalities, behaviors, performances of different co-teachers during camp. Observations that help the camp or not.


Let me list the things that you should consider if ENGLISH CAMPS are really for you.

  1. Fun/friendly personality-maintained. Throughout the day or the camp schedules, you should maintain this accommodating and friendly personality as your campers look up to you any time of the day.
  2. Flexibility towards anything. You must easily adapt to any changes occurring unexpectedly in the camp, especially with task assignments and schedules.
  3. Over-flowing patience and another bag of patience. Be aware that you will deal with hundreds of different personalities.
  4. A bouquet of happiness. make sure to set aside your personal problems, you should be happy the entire camp.
  5. Huge amount of common Sense. very important thing that you should have, different techniques should be applied in any activities depending on your campers.
  6. Public speaking and relations. Be reminded that camps are not made for shy teachers. Many students are already shy, you cannot afford to join them, yeah?
  7. Tons of concern. Be concern and considerate to your boss, your company, and to your clients.
  8. Average to perfect time management. Camps are strict when it comes to time management of the program. Be alert alive enthusiastic!
  9. Presentable appearance. Though most of the time free t-shirts are provided, you can’t still afford to look unpleasant, consider self-grooming.
  10. Expertise towards the activity. Very important to consider. You know the activities, but do you know how to share them? As a teacher, your students and everyone will rely on you.

Considering the above basic “to remember matters”, you can already answer the question, “Is English Camp designed for me?”. Well if you fit, then you will last long in this field and you might earn bucks that you never expected.


With my experiences conducting several English camps all over Thailand, I am so humbled to know that English camping is one of the activities that I think, was designed for me. Not only for me but for those who share the same personality and advocacy of helping others to learn the English language as a medium of international communication.

Are you planning for your next ENGLISH CAMP? Please don’t hesitate to talk to me, I can be of help. I would love to work with you soon. You can send me an email or comment down. I can help you design your camp or best be with you during your activity or contact Bangkok Oxford Learning Centre using the link below. That’s so exciting! 🙂


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