I was so excited after accepting an invitation for a sleep-over in Huahin. Not only because I was so tired from work, but also the fact that I am so in love with the sea (even with the most ordinary beaches). Huahin is no longer new to the world as one of the most flocked destinations in Thailand. It is so famous that you will be tempted to check out what can it offer.
After 3 to 4- hour drive, we reached Huahin quite tired of the travel. We checked in at Chom View Hotel- a hotel that I would love to recommend and give 10 stars, seriously. Book Chom View Hotel here.

Some very useful sources when travelling to HuaHin I strongly recommend:

To check city tour day time:  Day City Tour Huahin                                                                   To check city tour night time: Night City Tour Huahin                                                                   To check Boat Tour 1: Siam Sea Cret Boat Tour

Here’s why go to Chom View:

  1. Hotel Staff very HONEST and ACCOMMODATING. When we arrived we were guided very well and helped with our luggage to our room. The old man who assisted us made us feel that we are really valued because the care he handed. During our stay, I left my phone in the lobby’s toilet for several hours. One of the cleaners  gave it to the front desk and returned it to me when I looked for it! Oh praise the Lord! When we checked out the next day, to my surprise, they found my wallet in the somewhere in the resort and returned it to me with the exact amount of money and all cards in tact. I didn’t even know that I misplaced my wallet! I salute these Thai staff! So lovely!
  2. Location. Chom View Hotel is located very near to almost all of interesting places in Hua Hin. Just in front of the shore, walking distance from Chicada Night market, bars, and other entertainment areas. Transportation like tuktuk, is available for you to go somewhere else. Chicada Night Market.
  3. The Room. We got a two story apartment and was really satisfied with the price and the amenities. In the first floor, there’s a living room, mini kitchen with fridge, oven and kitchen utensils, a toilet, and an average balcony outside with a dining table. In the living room, there’s a flat screen tv available with so many channels to choose from including English programs, a big double bed wherein other can sleep, and  couches too.  The second floor has two-bed rooms. One as master’s bedroom and the other is a shared room with two comfortable beds.  The air conditioning system was perfect in all rooms including the first floor. They gave us 2 key cards so we were able to leave one keycard attached inside for continuous electricity, and bring the other one outside. I highly recommend this place if you are traveling with a group. But if not, they can still offer you many rooms that will fit your needs.
  4. The pool. There are two swimming pools in this resort fronting the vast ocean. One for kids and the other is for adults. The pools are just normal pools for chillin’ and hanging out. There’s a bar beside the pool wherein you can order foods and request for towels.
     A lifeguard is also watching over. They have benches where you can rest and worship the sun. Foods from the bar were okay. We ordered a clubhouse sandwich for a snack.
  5. Breakfast. Our accommodation included breakfast. Foods were great, clean and the place is comfortable to dine in. They serve a variety of breakfast meals, like American, western, and Thai breakfast, so many to choose from surely you will enjoy.
    6. Amenities. Though I was not given enough time to explore all their amenities, this hotel offers wide parking space, a library, playground, nice themed welcome entrance and others. Please click here for more about their amenities.

These are just few of the reasons why I recommend you staying in this hotel. Every hotel has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you happen to book this hotel, please feel free to comment down your experiences.

Aside form Chom View Hotel, there are so many hotels in Hua Hin where you can stay for work or leisure. You can book your accommodations here.