Thailand is seriously a place of wonders. With its very rich cultures and traditions present amidst modernization, truly it’s one of the best places to travel around the world.
Considering this fact, the country has thousands of tourists spots, destinations, attractions, etc., to offer. So how then can one save money while enjoying Thailand’s wonder? – Do You Want to Gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time?

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This article will tell you how can you spend less than 600 Baht or 17USD while exploring the super amazing, majestic, unbelievable wonder of AYUTTHAYA, Thailand’s ancient city!

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In April this year, I and my friend Prince planned to travel Thailand within 7 days challenging ourselves with a minimal amount of money to spend while enjoying Thailand. When he arrived on October 9, 2016, straight from the airport, we headed our way to the famous Ayutthaya for our Day 1 adventure. – How To Increase The Love In Your Family And Prevent Them From Drifting Apart

The travel.

We started our day journey in Victory Monument BTS station, 7 in the morning. Right under the station, are ample of minivans going anywhere outside Bangkok. Look for vans bound to Ayutthaya. Fare: 60 baht each.



Going to Ayutthaya is more or less than an hour ride so it’s not gonna take you longer. The van can drop you anywhere you want in Ayutthaya, but it fully stops at the minivan’s station along the sidewalk in the heart of the city.

Ayutthaya proper.
When we arrived the city, we decided to take some breakfast to fuel our day. You can find so many food stalls near the minivan stop. A market is very close form it where you can choose thai fooods, or anything to eat. I and Prince got the famous KWEY TIYAO with TOM YUM SOUP (thai Noodles) for 35 baht plus 10 baht water.



Going around.
I highly recommend you taking a bike going around ayutthaya. Though motorbikes and private tuktuk’s are ready around, biking is always a good experience. For only 40 baht, you can make use of the bike for whole day trip, you can even tour every spot around the place since it’s not really huge. Most of the rental shops will give you map, postcard books, and other materilas for free to make your day tour exciting. Just very near from the minivan station, you can see so many bike rental shops. – Get A Megadose of Blessing. And Take Your Life To A New Direction.

Bike rental shop near the van stop.

Prince and his bike. Hahahaha

Important tip:

  • Buy your water from the nearest 7 eleven, the big one to save money. You will need plenty of water the whole day. Price – 13 baht.
  • Wear sun protections. Sun glasses, long sleeves, sun block, hat, cap. Weather can be terribly hot.
  • Get a bike with a basket. It will give you space for your bag, camera, water, maps, and other things that you have.
  • Choose a bike that you are comfortable driving with.
  • Safety first. Always be cautious of your driving. Remember: Thai drivers blow horns once in a blue moon, so you better stop, look and listen.
  • You can buy souvinirs arround, but having the postcard is enough.


Entrance Fees.

Some of the temples or attractions ask entrance fees. As usual, foreigners always pay more in Thailand. The most popular attraction, Wat Mahathat costs 100 baht each for foreigners. Other temples are 20 baht to 50 baht. Since we only chose our destinations, we spent 200 baht for entrance fee each.

Foods are anywhere in Ayutthaya from the cheapest 20 baht up, not mentioning 7 eleven, LOL. While on our way, we spotted a cute coffee shop named HUNSA just in front of a temple. They serve coolers and short orders to fill your craving stomach. We also took advantage of taking rest in the area because it was too hot. Prices are reasonable. Coffee starts from 50 baht up. We had green tea and mocha frappe. for 60 baht each.

Going back Bangkok.
Around 5:00 in the afternoon, we returned back our bicycles and thank the super nice owners. We headed back then to the minivan station and pay the same ticket price 60 baht going to bangkok.

Of course, if you decide to stay in Ayutthaya for another day to make sure that you’ll see all its wonders, there are many cheaps hotels and hostels around the area.

Book hostels or hotels here, possible booking without cards.


Total Expenses:

Fare to Ayutthaya from Bangkok                         60.00

Ayutthaya to Bangkok                                             60.00

Food, coffee, and water                                           150.00

Bike rent                                                                        40.00

Entrance fees                                                              200.00

Total:                                                                          510.00 Baht

This is just a sample of our budgetarian tour, you can always make your own budget according to your lists. In case you were able to experience Ayutthaya, please feel free to comment below.

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