2nd day-evening, The Pinoy Explorer’s 15-day Thailand Challenge.

Is Bangkok Asiatique really a waste of time? Let’s see…

It is always understandable that we have different tastes and point of interests about where are we going for any reason. Bangkok Asiatique, known for its artistic ambiance has gained both positive and negative comments over the years from different spectators. Some say it is perfect for spending night, but others simply say, it’s so common that you might even feel bored.



With my arousing curiosity, and hunger for experiencing this place, I decided to bring my friend Prince to Asiatique, the evening of the 2nd day of our 7-day Bangkok Challenge. Since it was our first time going there, we were both excited!

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How to get there:

We found out the easiest and fastest way to be there is by experiencing a free boat, or a speed boat worth 20 baht. These boats are plenty in Saphan Taksin Pier. Take the BTS, and go down at BTS Saphan Taksin station. Go down either exit 1 or 2, and you will directly see the pier. Asiatique opens at 17:00 and boats run until 23:00.

According to some reviews, sailing during sunset is overwhelming. Since me and my friend went to King Rama Park to get some fresh air in Bangkok,  we ended up taking the free boat by 19:00. There was a long line for passengers waiting to take the boat, however, you can always pay 20 baht to ride the express boat. I strongly recommend not going via taxi, since traffic can be terrible on your way.

Roughly around 10 to 20 minutes of travel, we arrived Bangkok Asiatique. On your way to the place you will actually enjoy the night view of Bangkok with its colorful lights while sailing and I was already doubting if going there is really a waste of time. When people started  showing off their camera phones, I felt that Asiatique is really one of a kind. With a huge ferris wheel and led-name “Asiatique”, truly, it gives perfect view for photo taking and even relaxing. But of course, were just still entering, the quest was just starting.
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Right at the docking area lies the presence of a relaxing environment, so well planned designs, very spacious, clean surroundings and wide streets in between warehouses- The Bangkok Asiatique. We were greeted by retro paraphernalia for photo shoots, a tram car, push carts, anchors, flags and others. This is amazing! But well, these are actually common in many other tourists destinations too… I mean the scenes for photos. So what then?

Asiatique is also known for being a night bazaar  with more than  1,000 boutiques/stalls and 40 restaurants located in a big warehouse-like complex. So basically, spending an evening here is really a no problem and let’s include the famous Calypso Lady Boy Cabaret which unfortunately we did not visit. Fronting the river, are huge and classy restaurants offering different worldwide cuisines. Most of them are actually expensive yet reasonable. Don’t worry there are also restaurants offering very affordable prices. Me and prince had Chinese noodle soup with a very good value-meal, and it was really awesome!

Entering the hangars, i really appreciated the designs even more. I’m not really sure if this is the only market in Bangkok wherein stalls are located exactly where they are in the map. We figured out that Asiatique is divided into four areas for you to easily find what you are looking for.

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There are over 1, 000 stalls selling handicrafts, jewelries, clothing, etc,. almost actually the same with other markets. You will surely have good time browsing boutiques, picking up anything for gifts or for yourself etc,.
Aside from all around and eating activities, Asiatique excites visitors through its mini amusement park wherein one can enjoy giant Ferris wheel and other rides. You can also enjoy taking photos in these areas.

Though it’s quiet famous, what I love about Asiatique is, it’s not that crowded or dominated by foreigners. The selection of shops is also interesting with a good range of not common brands. Yes, the place is busy but because of its wide spaces, you cxan definitely enjoy.
In general Asiatique is a good choice in spending the night. Not bad at all, and not that super nice. It is really up to you if you will rate this place as a waste of time. Maybe it will be if you will not enjoy what it can offer.

Again, appreciating every place that you go will always makes a difference. Me and my friend Prince strongly disagree that going to Asiatique is worthless. In fact, it’s beautiful and impressive.

Let me hear about your thoughts on Bankok Asiatique.